Medical Malpractice

Everyone makes mistakes. However, when a doctor, nurse, or other health care provider makes a mistake, the results can be devastating. Our firm has seen horrific and irreversible results from the most minor of health care decisions or medical procedures, consequences that may or may not be immediately identified. You don’t always know there’s been a medical mistake at the time that it happens. Under medical malpractice law, medical errors legally become medical negligence, or malpractice, when the error falls below the “accepted standard of care” in the community where the doctor, or other providers, is located. Medical negligence cases, or malpractice, allow money damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other types of compensation. 406 Attorneys works with victims and their families in pursuing claims both in and out of the courtroom to ensure that their medical malpractice remedies under Montana law are promptly identified and demanded. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Please be aware, the time frame for medical malpractice is shorter than most negligence claims. Do not wait and please contact 406 Attorneys for your free case evaluation.